West Lancashire '0' Gauge Group

Railway Modelling in 7mm:1ft Scale


Subscription rates are currently undergoing a period of gradual harmonisation which will eventually result in a single rate being applicable. Meanwhile, the annual subscription rates (from now until the end of 2023) are: Full-rate £27.50;  Reduced-rate £17.50. 

Reduced rate subs currently remain available to those who live beyond (approx.) 20 mile radius bounded by the Ribble and the Mersey (determined by specified postcode districts, as listed on the membership application form). Reduced rate subs are also currently available to those who are not in receipt of income from a wage/salary in excess of 16 hours/week and not self-employed and not in receipt of a pension.


These are supplemented by a 'visiting charge' (into the plate at the clubroom) of £2.50/week during any week when actually visiting the clubroom. (Note: Not a payment per visit, so just one payment per week even if visiting more than once that week.)


As an alternative, members can cover both charges by BACS monthly standing order of £10/month, which works out cheaper for full-rate members making frequent visits. 

(The harmonisation will see the rates 'converge in the middle' by 2025 and is to take account of the fact that distant members won't be contributing as much (if anything) to the weekly 'visiting charge', so are already contributing significantly less than local members.)


Safeguarding Policy:


Children (<16) and 'vulnerable adults' can attend free of charge as the guest of an appropriate parent / guardian / carer member who must retain full responsibility for them and must remain in their presence at club events and in the clubroom.


16-17year-olds can join but will require an additional signature from their parent / guardian / carer.

Application Form

The current membership application form should be available here. (If it doesn't work, try a 'right click' and 'open in new tab' as webs.com sometimes doesn't seem to be able to handle a basic click to open a file, for some reason!)